5-6 days Banaue, Batad, Sagada, Vigan, San Juan

Discovering Ifugao, Mountain Province , Ilocos and La Union

A full package to explore different cultures and landscapes.

This tour are with local guides from all provinces : Ifugao, Mountain Province, Ilocos (who speak in english and Tagalog and their own dialect).

You want to discover the rice terraces of Banaue and Batad ? Experience in the cave of Sagada and Echo valley ? And exploring the spanish village of Vigan ? But also finish your stay with surfing beach ?

LEVEL : Intermediate                                     DURATION : 5 to 6 days
VILLAGES : Banaue, view point – Batad– Sagada, Mountain Province – Vigan, Ilocos sur – San Juan, La Union (or Manilla)

How is it ?

The first day : Discover Batad and rice terraces

« Batad is fabulous for it’s rice terraces shaped in amphitheater, declared in 1995 to the heritage of the Unesco. »

We pick up you to the terminal of bus to enjoy a breakfast and we start the travel and our first day in Batad.

After 13 kms ride (with transport) until the starting point of Batad, you will walk 20 minutes to join the village. In fact there is no road until the village, that’s why you will enjoy a short walk until Batad.

View on Batad


You will hike until see these wonderful terraces which are like an amphitheater, this view will be amazing from the mountain hill.

After 30 minutes trekking you will lunch in a famous filipino restaurant with a panoramic view on the rice fields, but from another side.

The afternoon you will trekking 1 hour down until the Tappiyah waterfalls, an enormous natural pool for swimming. You can take your time to enjoy your stay before to come back in Banaue.

Tappiyah falls

We will walk 1hour and 30 minutes maximum until the transportation.

You will sleep in Banaue to be ready for the next day (or in Batad if you really want we can arrange this).

The second day : Experience Sagada and echo valley

« Sagada is famous for all his caves, but also for the hanging coffins : the legend think it’s for Spirits of the dead are closer to the sky»

We start the day with a breakfast and some stop over in diferents view point of Banaue.

You will enjoy «  Banaue view point », recognize like the most picturesque rice terraces in the Cordilleras.

View point on Banaue

Then we will drive until Sagada, maximum 3 hours with some stop over on the road.

We will lunch in the town of Sagada.

There we need to take a guide from this province Sagada. In fact it’s not the same Province that’s why you have additional fees for guide.

In the afternoon you will walk 30 minutes from the cimetery until the mystical Echo valley and the famous hangging coffins. The smaller ones contain bodies placed in fetal position. You will see the funeral chairs on which the dead were tied during the funeral ceremony.

Hangging coffins Sagada

After that, you will visit the Lumiang burrial cave; Containing a hundred stacked coffins, the oldest of which would be 500 years old. You can see the Carved lizards on some cercuei symbol of longevity and fertility

After this you will experience the Sumaging cave, named also «  big cave ». In this cave you will enjoy big areas with stone formations like the «  King’s Curtain », or the « cauliflower » . You will have a lamp during this tour around 2 hours.

Sumaging cave

After this adventurius day you will enjoy your diner and sleep in a guest house in the town of Sagada.

The third day : Vigan the spanish colonial city

We will drive 6 hours maximum to get to Vigan. The departure will be at 7 o’clock.

“Vigan, one of the oldest cities in the Philippines, but also one of the best preserved. Vigan escaped the Second World War and also its destruction, today it is a very beautiful colonial city where it is good to walk.”

You will be surprised at this well preserved Hispanic side that would almost make us forget that we are in a city of the Philippines.

Check in at the hotel then free afternoon according to the desires of each one. This city is full of different activities and we can not choose so we leave you the choice of activities.

Best things to do in Vigan :

Walk in Crisologo Street and its cobbled streets. It is in this renovated street that you will feel the most Spanish influences of the city. It is full of souvenir shops or small bars with beautiful fronts. The carriages will be crossed here.

Visit the Cathedral of Saint Paul known for its baroque architecture this gigantic cathedral was built in 1790 and 1800. It has resisted to many earthquakes.

Cathédrale Wonders Adventure

Understand the history of the city in the museum of Padre Burgos. It is in this former prison that one understands all the interest of the bay, this sugar cane wine with photos and explanations to support it. We go to this museum for the place but also to understand the history of the province and its influences.

Don’t forget to try an empanada, yes in Philippines

The night we will enjoy the show sound and ligth in Vigan.

The dinner will be in the town of Vigan, nearest to the street Crisologo. In the evening you can enjoy the nightlife of this charming cobbled town. At nightfall restaurants and bars stretching their chairs outside, you will enjoy enjoying this place.

During this day the food is not included.

The fourth day : Jar factory in Vigan and San Juan

Breakfast at the hotel then we will visit a factory of jars.

This is the must to see here : the pottery factory. In 3minutes maximum the potter will make before you a jar of steel. This plant is hallucinating by the number of vases that are found there.

Jar factory Wonders Adventure

Then we will take a carriage “kalesa” until the view from Bantay Bell Tower. Located 2 kms from the center we arrived in Bantay. You will be able to visit the church but above all to climb the bell to enjoy the view on the surroundings.

Bell Tower Wonders Adventure

The departure will be at 2 pm direction San Juan.

3 hours drive to the famous surf spot.

You can enjoy the waves at the end of the day or just enjoy the beach. You will see a beautiful sunset directly on the beach, in fact your guest house will be on the beach. Take your time until the next day.

We arrange this tour according to your needs, your desires, and your next destination to arrive on time.

For those who do not want to visit San Juan we can take you directly from Vigan to Manila.

The fifth day : Surfing in San Juan

San Juan

You can enjoy it as much as you like and we arrange this tour according to your next destination.