They trust us

Salamat !

This page is dedicated to all those who shared these moments with us.


” The landscape is almost the same, only the colors change : we walk in rice paddies going from shiny green to yellow (depending on the season), to a grey sky to blue (depending on the season).But we stay in the most beautiful rice fields of the world and every meet in this magical place is unique.  ”

We would like to thank you for your confidence, your smiles, your questions … but also your answers (yes we also have questions), and finally your wonder and to conclude all our exchanges.

Thank you all for the confidence you have shown in this trek.

“ The traveler is the one who takes the time to meet and exchange.” by Frederic Lecloux


We can only conclude this page with a big SALAMAT. Merci ! Danke ! Gracias ! Thanks !

And see you soon for new adventures.

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