+ one day in Sagada

Add the experience in Sagada and echo valley

All tours are with a Ifugao guide, speak in English and Tagalog.

LEVEL : Intermediate              DURATION : one day

« Sagada is famous for all his caves, but also for the hanging coffins : the legend think it’s for Spirits of the dead are closer to the sky. Discover this mountain are also beautiful landscape»

With Wonders Adventure you can add the tour of one day in Sagada with the private car. Like this you have more time to enjoy this place.

How is it ?

We start the day with a breakfast and some stop over in diferents view point of Banaue (optional).

You will enjoy « Banaue view point », recognize like the most picturesque rice terraces in the Cordilleras.

Wonders Adventure Trek

View Point Banaue

Then we will drive until Sagada, maximum 3 hours with some stop over on the road.

We will lunch in the town of Sagada. (optional)

There we need to take a guide from this province Sagada. In fact it’s not the same Province that’s why you we have another guide.

In the afternoon you will walk 30 minutes from the cimetery until the mystical Echo valley and the famous hangging coffins. ” The smaller ones contain bodies placed in fetal position. You will see the funeral chairs on which the dead were tied during the funeral ceremony.”

After that, you will visit the Lumiang burrial cave; ” Containing a hundred stacked coffins, the oldest of which would be 500 years old. You can see the Carved lizards on some cercuei symbol of longevity and fertility.”

Hanging coffins in Sagada

After this you will experience the Sumaging cave, named also « big cave ». In this cave you will enjoy big areas with stone formations like the « King’s Curtain », or the « cauliflower » . You will have a lamp during this tour around 2 hours.

grotte sagada wonders adventure trek

You can choose also to exploring some waterfalls.

After this adventurius day you will go back by car until Banaue to catch your bus for Manilla. If you want we can also arrange the return for you by private car.

What’s included in this package ?

Transportation from Banaue to Sagada  & the return in private car
The guide for all the day
The entrance fees

No included :
Meal, drinks, extra

The package :

With private car : … 6 700 pesos (for 2 persons) 

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