Three days and two nights trek

Three days and two nights trekking to discover the amazing rice terraces

All our tours are with a Ifugao guide who speak in English and Tagalog.

It’s time to explore the fabulous Batad and discover the Ifugao culture, 3 days in the heart of rice terraces!


LEVEL : Strong hikkers – Expert              DURATION : 3 days 2 nigths
VILLAGES : Banaue – Pula – Cambulo – Batad – Bangaan

How is it ?

  • The first day :

For starting the day we will pick up you and enjoy a breakfast with the perfect view on Banaue (optional).

We start the day with diferents view points in Banaue to understand this heritage (2 000 years old terraces made by the man). 3 hours after walking between jungle and mountain you will see the first rice terraces and already so beautiful.

The lunch will be closed to the river where you can enjoy a swim and see daily life of the local people in the famous small and rustic village of Pula. You will see also the native hut, traditional house Ifugao.

The afternoon it will be 4 hours trekking in beautiful landscape and you will apreciate the fascinating stone walled rice terraces. Sometimes it can be heigth, but it will be famous. Your guide is here to help you if it’s too hard.

Cambulo village

The nigth is in a guest house in the village Cambulo where the atmosphere is just really friendly and local people really nice. You can ask a massage (local massage optional)

The second day :

After trekking 3 hours in rice terraces you will arrived to the highest point in Batad. You will see the amphitheater, it’s now the time do the perfect pictures. Maybe the most famous taken during your travel.

View on Batad

After the lunch (in filipino restaurant with panoramic view) direction Tappiyah waterfalls (1 hour walking).

Restaurant in Batad

Enjoy a swim and refresh in a natural pool. The afternoon you can enjoy the life in the village and do the best pictures.

Tappiyah falls

Sleep in the pension with amazing view on rice terraces on Batad. You can also sleep in a native hut during this trek.

The third day :

After a awesome nigth in the perfect place direction Bangaan village. Between mountains and rice terraces you will walk 3 hours and see waterfalls and less and less tourists during this trail. Like alone in the trail.

Wonders Adventure Trek Banga an

3 days and 1 nigth is recommanded for people who really like trekking and appreciate the nature. This is the best way to enjoy the amazing view on rice terraces and enjoy the perfect ifugao experience.

What’s included in this package ?

The transportation
Stop over in every view points
2 nigths accomodation with the view on rice terraces
Guide fees for 3 days
3 breakfasts (included one coffee or one tea with one pancake or one omelette)
2 lunchs (the first and second day, one meal, no order continuation)
Locker room (if necessary)

No included :

Drinks – Diners – Extra food

The package :

with tricycle (amount total) :
… is 11 400 pesos (for 2 persons)
… is 14 700 pesos  (for 3 persons)
… is 17 800 pesos  (for 4 persons)

with private car (amount total) :
… is 13 800 pesos (for 2 persons)
… is 15 800 ( for 3 persons )
… is 19 100 (for 4 persons)

If you are more ask us for groupe package

We can pick up you at the airport
We can book for you your tickets transports
We can book for you your accommodation

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