Who are we ?

Magandang Umaga

Welcome to Philippines and especially in the rice fields of Banaue!

The rice fields are not only a landscape, it is a strong, very strong and more ancestral culture from 2000 years. Declared in 1995 to the heritage of the Unesco, the rice fields are now considered to be the 8th wonder of the world.

We are two lovers about this country, amazed landscapes, our goal is to help you to know our culture and our life there in the mountain, so come and join us !

You will stay 2 or 3 days (or more) and you will met local people in villages, all around you will be rice fields, you will eat filipino food and see beautiful landscapes.

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Wonders Adventure organize everything and you can enjoy all the moments in rice fields

But who are we?

  • Us in few words …

I’m Julie, French 30 years after working 5 years in Paris as a communications officer. I went to conquer the world for 18 months and finally let my suitcases on the Filipino floor, specifically to Banaue, my crush.

I am 28 years old Joseph, Ifugao. I live since my birth in Banaue, I have always worked in the rice paddies to help my family. Then I became a guide for you to discover my daily life but especially our cultural wealth.

Julie & Joseph – Rice fields Batad

Why we created this website ?

This website was created to help you to organize your trekking in the mountains and to show the beauty of the Philippines.

How 2,000 years ago did our ancestors create this place that has become a must in the Philippines? Everything is done manually here and that’s what makes this place magical. We’re taking you on a trip with us …

Our meeting :

Explained by Joseph, the guide :
Julie and me met in 2015 she was around the world. Philippines was the 4th country on her « to do list ». She spent 3 days with me, and continue to see the world. Then she come back and finally stay…

Explained by Julie:
This trek of 3 days was part of my unavoidable in the Philippines, I fell in love with the region, the rice fields but also the guide … You will soon understand why …

Why trekking with us?

Because we are 2 passionate about what nature offers us, native its playground are these rice fields, sports we like the challenge. We want to make your coming an unforgettable moment.

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