Wonders Children

The birth of this project …

Conscious of our differences, it seemed natural to us to be able to distribute happiness in any form, to be able to help because the whole base of our meeting was the exchange.

For Julie: touched by the beauty of this people, for Joseph: aware that everyone could help his neighbor … our pleasure is the exchange and sharing on our differences and not only cultural.


When we do a tour we go to meet the local people and we realize that we are not all born under the same star.


During the tour we can therefore distribute school supplies in schools in Cambulo and Pula. According to an equal distribution to help these two remote villages. Why these villages? You will understand during the tour

How to participate ?

You may not know it, but we buy supplies and bring them to schools.

You too can contribute to this sharing, schoolchildren need school supplies: pens, pencils, felts, chalks or notebooks …

The teachers also enjoy the games enormously but playful. Stabilos, chalks.

We will take the time to explain to the class the rules of the game and not just leave a game that would not serve.

We try as much time as possible to visit the school, however we do not wish to be too intrusive, that’s why we organize events.

The last big event …

was Christmas in Cambulo. Pass and distribute more than 200 Eiffel towers to teachers. The goal ? When a child answers just one question he will be entitled to his Eiffel Tower. Distribute to each teacher color stabilos or an indefinite number of pencils. Give the children elastics, jump ropes or ballpoint pens …

How was this funded ? Thanks to you and your payment advances.


If you think you have too much business we use porters.

Wonders Children is born of a common passion. When we meet all these smiles through your investment, thanks to your donations or just a part of your investment in these purchases we can only thank you.

We are currently looking for material for the beginning of June 2018:

Notebooks, styos, pencils, backpacks (but they are over 200), hair elastics

They also love to play so why not balls, balloons, hoops … More complicated in trek we understand.

Wonders Children’s vocation is:

  • To help the local population by actively participating in the exchange
  • To distribute his best smile, to sing very often
  • And if you want to bring material